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Once I dissolved
Genetic Choir collaboration for a sound installation by Cecilia Bengtsson


"Once I dissolved" is a sound work and sculptural installation that explores the joyful notion of spreading and scattering into the world.

Together with artist Cecilia Bengtsson, Genetic Choir singers instantly composed the sound/music that will be heard from a four-speaker installation in the Wilhelmina chalet in the park of Paleis Soestdijk.

Cecilia's work (of which our music is just one ingredient) will be part of the exhibition Voorlopers that will be open to the public from May to August 2022.

We recorded with a four-corner microphone set-up that mimicked the way speakers will be providing the sound in the Wilhelmina chalet. We worked with a varied palette of vocal sounds exploring feelings of falling, scattering and landing, using extended vocal techniques and straight singing alike.

The result can be heard the whole summer of 2022 in Soestdijk:


Cecilia Bengtsson (SE 1984)

Having a background in classical music, Cecilia studied a BA Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam and has completed the Artistic Research Master in the Hague. Through sculptural performances, video works and events she tries to understand the formation of the self and the drawing boundary that conceives the ‘other’. Departing from a notion of loss she explores the interrelation between forming entities and singular and communal experiences. She has exhibited in various contexts including de Appel and Lumen Travo, STROOM and 1664.