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WhatIIIF? - the International Interdisciplinary Improvisation Festival
Genetic Choir stood at the cradle of this yearly, nomadic festival that attempts to answer the absurd question: Can improvisation be documented?


IIIF stands for International Interdisciplinary Improvisation Festival and the WhatIIIF? gatherings/meetings/festivals are dedicated to attempting to answer the absurd question:

Can improvisation be documented and reflected upon (and how should that be done)?

The website improvisation.wiki is a constant working space and open library of improvisation aspects. It gets energized through the yearly meetings of WhatIIIF? and everyone is invited to contribute to it through these yearly gatherings, or at any other time, from their own improvisation practice and perspective.

Genetic Choir has been standing at the cradle of this festival and hosted the 2017 edition in Amsterdam, after which being involved in generating two more editions in London (UK, 2018) and in Gothenborg (SE, 2019).

We invite now all interested improvisers to join us from 21-24 May 2020 in Berlin to take this utopian idea of a shared language for interdisciplinary improvisation practice further. Our hosts this year are the Exploratorium Berlin and Impro-Per-Arts.

The event is free and open to any experienced improvisers. Tell us how you want to contribute with your practice and presence and we will link you with another participan so you can sharpen together the focus with which will join us.

We provide the space and context for the gathering. Travel and accomodation costs are for yourself, but we can provide you with an invitation letter so you can find funds yourself and also help with cheap or even no-cost options to stay in Berlin on a matrass. :-)

If you want to join, read the following invitation letter and send us an email, as described:

Invitation Open Call WhatIIIF? Berlin 2020

13:00 - 13:00 / free / Exploratorium, Berlin / Mehringdamm 55, Sarotti-Höfe, 10961 Berlin