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Sunrise concert in Muziekgebouw Amsterdam
Genetic Choir created a visual and aural experience for the hour when the first light of the morning appears above the Ij. In collaboration with Merlijn Twaalfhoven's 24 hour Resonance in Muziekgebouw aan het Ij in Amsterdam


For the morning of 11 October 2015, Merlijn Twaalfhoven asked Thomas Johannsen to create a Genetic Choir concert for sunrise in the special architecture of Muziekgebouw aan het IJ in Amsterdam.

It was beautiful performing and creating in this context: How the pitch dark outside changed to blue and red and yellow with the upcoming sun, along with our Genetic Choir compositions and the dancers we invited, was simply overwhelming.

Motto of this full hour of Genetic Choir music was "The City Awakes".

From surprising the audience with torches and whispers to the movie-like scenes on the outside stairs and later with everyone on the 1st balcony of the foyer - it was an unexpectedly satisfying hour of music and visuals.

With a big thanks to dance performers Makiko Ito, Bettina Neuhaus and Johnny Schoofs for instant composing these moments with us!