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Odyssey 10 hour Marathon Concert
On 14 July 2018, the Genetic Choir performed a 10 hour concert together with 200 readers reading the entire Odyssey on the Over ‘t Ij festival in Amsterdam.


The Genetic Choir instantly composed the music to this marathon reading of 10 hours, invited by Giorgos Gripeos and organised together with Nieuw Dakota and The International Readers of Homer.

The readin/concert took place inside Gripeos' installation “an odyssey” at Nieuw Dakota during the Over het Ij festival 2018. The concert started at 12:00 and the singers of the Genetic Choir provided continuous live vocal music until the end at 22:00.

The performance was live streamed to the ferries crossing the water between Westerdokdijk (Pontsteiger) and the NDSM werf.


photo banner by Giorgos Gripeos