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Aankondigingen en terugblikken op Genetic Choir projecten, concerten en workshops verschijnen regelmatig op ons blog. Hieronder vind je de meest recente berichten.
We hebben ook een nieuwsbrief die vier keer per jaar Genetic Choir nieuws samengevat aanbiedt. Klik rechts boven op de 'Nieuws' button om alle opties te zien om op de hoogte te blijven.



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20 June – opening up again!

Dear Genetic Choir followers, the time has come – we can organise public workshops again!

Make a dance inside your corona bubble and shout it out – YAY!
Do you want to dive again into the magic of Genetic Choir instant composing?

20 June 2021 – open Genetic Choir workshop

  • Max. group size will be 10 people so we can be sure to abide to corona rules and have some tight improvising together.
  • No previous experience needed, open to everyone.
  • We can do two slots of 3,5 hours and will start with filling the afternoon slot: 14:00-17:30.
  • If more people sign up, we will also open the morning slot: 9:30-13:00
  • Workshop price p.p. per slot: 35,- euro

Reserve your place here: https://useplink.com/payment/SHGdHdoYC1JjXlvV765sY/

If the workshop is booked out or it cannot happen due to circumstances, you will receive the workshop fee back in full.

It also seems likely that we can have a full block of Friday Morning Sessions again from September-December 2021. If you would like to pre-subscribe, send us a mail on workshops@genetic-choir.org

photo credits: René Castelijn, GC singers, (Non)Corpus sesssion

Tomorrow 19:30 – Genetic Choir with Iranian guest performing as part of WhatIIIF? 10 to 10

Genetic Choir singers will perform live together tomorrow and create an interdisciplinary instant composition with other improvisers, spanning places like Rio, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Pisa, Teheran, Manchester, Nice, Rotterdam and Berlin.

We are part of a 12 h durational performance that is organised by improvisers from many countries united through the WhatIIIF? initiative (read about all the artists and the full info of the telematic performance here)

You can tune in anytime between 10am and 10pm via this facebook stream: https://www.facebook.com/carpetsessions/live

The Genetic Choir will tune in at 19:30 and create half an hour of music in interaction with the images streamed from all other locations. This will be followed by a live concert in Exploratorium Berlin, combining as well the input from all other locations, and traces/memories captured and improvisationally sorted during the day via a Taswir Atlas.

As singers, we connect from different locations via Jamulus, and have a special guest from Teheran that we never sang with before, but are very excited to meet! —> Shaghayegh Bagheri

We hope all will work out and the sound reaching you will be crisp, coming together from all these places! 😀

photo above: WhatIIIF? Nowhere and Everywhere moment featuring Kamura Obscura and a tree and a clip of Titian) // photo below: Shaghayegh Bagheri

WhatIIIF? duration performance this Saturday & festival postponed to September

Instead of meeting in Berlin as planned for these days, the WhatIIIF? community of interdisciplinary improvisers is creating a 12 hour online performance this Saturday, 15 May, and the Genetic Choir will be part of it!

You can watch and listen from 10am to 10pm here: https://m.facebook.com/carpetsessions/live

Genetic Choir will perform in this whole-day experience at 19:30.

More info soon!

The physical WhatIIIF? Festival in Berlin got a new date :

17-19 September 2021

Improvisation and MEMORY

We don’t know if we can travel in May, but we are just going to plan and see!

The under-the-radar research festival of interdisciplinary improvisers – WhatIIIF? – is going to happen in Berlin from 13-16 May 2021, hosted by the Exploratorium Berlin. Be welcome.

The physical festival is postponed to 17-19 September 2021.
On 15 May, we will hold a 10am to 10pm online improvisation extravaganza, that you can watch live here: http://www.facebook.com/carpetsessions/live

Read the full invite to WhatIIIF? 2021 here.

Genetic Choir is one of the founders of this yearly gathering now in it’s fifth (!) year, organised – again – by lovely people from various disciplines of the international scene of improvisers (read here more about WhatIIIF?).

This year’s theme will be: MEMORY. We are interested in questions like:

  • “What questions, obsessions, fascinations and discomforts does the subject of memory bring to your practice as improviser?”
  • “How can we use strategies of remembering, reminding, forgetting in improvisation performance?”
  • … (–> Formulate your own research question and join us in May!)

How? And what is going to happen there? Read further here.

logo WhatIIIF 2020/2021 by Catharine Cary_latagueuseélégante

Merry Christmas with memories…

It’s been a year ago that we have given our last concert – but what a concert! For our Christmas wishes of 2020, we bring you back to the lights and warmth of (Non)Corpus: God in the Dominicuskerk Amsterdam.

Christmas Eve 2019, we also sang on NOS national Radio 1. Listen here for your Christmas podcast with Genetic Choir, or enjoy (again) a view back into the concert below.

Live concerts and singing will be back! Just hang in there a bit longer, dear people. We are looking forward to the coming year and meeting all of you again!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a beautiful 2021 !


Genetic Choir music for Onna Musha short film

While public performances stay difficult to organise, Genetic Choir singers are not only still creating music and meaningful moments every week with the dear old people in the Flevohuis in Amsterdam, but we are also suddenly present online, with music we created 5 years ago:

In a puppetry/dance video made by Kristien Sonnevijlle and Matt Jackson, Genetic Choir compositions from our second CD – Church Songs for the 21st Century – are featuring as a prominent ingredient to tell the non-verbal story of the warrior Onna Musha.

The film is part of the Indonesian international Puppetry festival Pesta Boneka and can still be watched until the 11th of November.

Watch below (Onna Musha starts at 42:30, and lasts 9 minutes)

or Click this direct link.

There is also afterwards a nice Q&A with Matt & Kristien and the other makers who contributed short films to Day 4 of the online version of this festival.

In the amazing festival area named “When Puppeteers Cook” we can even watch them at home making apple pie! Don’t miss that… 🙂 Go here for the Apple Pie.

Gaudeamus posts about Expandable Networked Universe of Improvisation

Next week, the Gaudemaus muziekweek 2020 is opening its (virtual) doors.

Last week, Gaudeamus posted about the WhatIIIF? initiative of bringing together improvisation practitioners from all disciplines, for which the foundation behind Genetic Choir is still in the process of gathering funds for.

An Expandable Networked Universe for the Art of Improvisation

There are many modern composers who work with improvisation, and it is lovely that we can reach out to the Gaudemaus community as well with our idea.

Find the facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/gaudeamusnl/posts/4491288797578349

As an update for those who follow the initiative:
Our first attempts at finding funds for this project from the funding bodies we know have been unsuccessful, mainly because we imagine a knowledge gathering platform run by artists, rather than a project resulting in concrete artistic work (which most cultural funds are seeing as their core business to fund).

If you, as part of the network of Genetic Choir, know any (international) fundraising routes we could take – funding bodies that value initiatives for new forms of artistic knowledge development, sharing and artistic research – please let us know!
You can contact us via info@genetic-choir.org

And concerning Gaudemaus – the festival will be happening live and online next week and is surely worth a visit! Find the programme here.

Bijna! Van 9-13 september vindt de @Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2020 plaats in Utrecht en online! @Gaudeamusnl viert haar 75e verjaardag met live bij te wonen én te streamen concerten, interactieve werken, multidisciplinaire voorstellingen, workshops, podcasts, een seminar en een heus wandelconcert. 

Quiet now – a voice workshop on island Texel

voor Nederlands, zie beneden

Quiet now – 3 and 4 October on the island Texel
Nature – Improvisation – Solo

In the far sights on the island and surrounded by nature the experience of the body and the voice become very different from when being in the city. Time becomes a different experience. And there is silence, in thousands of ways. Wind and bird sounds are intriguingly present and at some moments it is really quiet. From the silence space and possibility arises. And then there is the voice.

On 3 and 4 October 2020 there will be a voice improvisation workshop on the island of Texel, organised by Atelier De Waal (Anet van de Elzen).
The workshop will be guided primarily by Thomas Johannsen from his practice of vocal improvisation with the Genetic Choir. Anet van de Elzen will add to this from her practice as performance artist.

We offer an experience-oriented weekend that is about ‘solo improvisation’. In order to improvise with and for others, exploring the specific state of ‘being solo’ is enormously important. This workshop is for beginners as well as for those who are more advanced in singing and improvisation. The solo element and listening to your surrounding and the other are facets that will be recurrently addressed. In this, the immensity of nature, the silence and the wind become our allies.

All RIVM measures due to covid-19 are taken into account during the workshop. This is possible because we work outside a lot and the theater space we will be using is large enough to keep 1.5 meters distance from each other.

The costs of the workshop are € 175, including coffee and tea, lunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. It is also possible to book an overnight stay including breakfast through Atelier De Waal (based on availability).

More information about all this on the website of Atelier de Waal.

If you have questions or would like to register for the workshop, write to Anet van Elzen via: atelierdewaal@gmail.com

Stil Nu – 3 en 4 oktober op Texel
Natuur – Improvisatie – Solo

In de vergezichten op het eiland en omringd door de natuur wordt de beleving van het lichaam en de stem heel anders dan wanneer we in de stad zijn. De tijd lijkt ook anders te worden ondergaan. En het is er stil, op wel duizend manieren. De wind en de vogels zijn aanwezig met hun geluiden, en op sommige momenten is het opeens écht helemaal stil. Uit stilte ontstaat mogelijkheid en ruimte. En dan de stem.

Op 3 en 4 oktober 2020 vindt er een stem improvisatie workshop plaats op Texel, georganiseerd door Atelier De Waal (Anet van de Elzen).
De workshop wordt voor het grootste deel gegeven door Thomas Johannsen vanuit zijn stem improvisatie praktijk met het Genetic Choir. Anet van de Elzen vult dit aan vanuit haar beroepspraktijk als performance kunstenaar.

We bieden een ervaringsgericht weekend aan dat over ‘solo improvisatie’ gaat: Om met en voor anderen te improviseren is het waardevol de specifieke staat van ‘solo gaan’ goed te hebben verkend. De workshop is zowel voor mensen die niet bekend zijn met improvisatie als voor gevorderde zangers en improvisatoren. Het solo element en het luisteren naar de omgeving en de ander, zijn facetten die steeds aan de orde zullen komen. De onmetelijkheid van de natuur, de stilte en de wind zijn daarbij onze bondgenoten.

Bij de workshop worden alle RIVM maatregelen in acht genomen. Dat is mogelijk omdat we veel buiten werken en de theaterzaal voor binnen groot genoeg is om 1,5 meter afstand te houden.

Kosten van de workshop zijn € 175,—, inclusief koffie en thee, lunch op zaterdag en brunch op zondag. Het is ook mogelijk via Atelier De Waal een overnachtingsplek inclusief ontbijt te boeken (op basis van beschikbaarheid)

Meer informatie hierover vind je op de website van Atelier de Waal.

Voor alle vragen, of om je alvast aan te melden, mail naar Anet van de Elzen via: atelierdewaal@gmail.com

photo above: Milda Lomaniené, Texel 2015

Humming Together Apart on 23 August

This is such a charming no-computer-needed collaborative singing initiative for pandemic times that we just have to spread the word! 😀

Bonnie Barnett is inviting everyone to hum together apart from wherever you are, on Sunday, 23 August at 21:00 European time! Read the invitation in Bonnie’s words below.

A socially-distant participatory vocal event
                                                    by BONNIE BARNETT

SUNDAY, AUGUST 23, 2020 at:
HST (Hawaii) – 9 a.m.
PDT – NoonEDT – 3 p.m.
U.K. – 8 p.m.
Europe – 9 p.m.
St. Petersburg – 10 p.m.
Australia – MONDAY at 6 a.m.

You are invited to breathe and tone from wherever you are during the performance time (starting at the listed time, and continuing for about 15 minutes). Imagine your breath and tone reaching out and mixing with other people’s breaths and tones, surrounding the planet with a sound bath of vibration.  See the earth and visualize the vibrating vocal energy buzzing us all to community and health.

18 participants wrote in after the 3rd event on June 28, 2020 and let me know their locations – from Russia to New York to Michigan to Pennsylvania to Illinois to Colorado to California… Please document your geographical location during your participation by contacting me through my website – bonniebarnettmusic.com — to help create a sound map. I really look forward to hearing from you.
And … Here is another option for any of you who are interested.  Even though this 4th event is still an ephemeral, conceptual event, if you feel like recording your sounds, you are invited to upload them as an mp3 to this folder:

please name your file:

and remember, please upload mp3’s only, thanks!  The sounds quality of the recording doesn’t matter. You can use a zoom recorder, your laptop microphone, your cell phone… anything! Ulrich Krieger will mix the sounds that we receive…

©  Bonnie Barnett 2020

Voice Improvisation workshops starting up again!

We can sing again, yay!

–> not only outside, as we did with the Genetic Choir Ensemble in June to practice the fine art of soloing, but also again inside, in well-ventilated studio spaces.

So we fixed some dates, and you can inscribe to these upcoming workshops, if you like:

One Day workshop Genetic Choir6 September 2020

10:30-17:00, studio de Eester, C. van Eesterenlaan 302, Amsterdam
costs: 73 euro incl. BTW

UPDATE: The workshop on 6 September is already full!
–> if you would like to join another Genetic Choir workshop soon, please write us about your interest – workshops@genetic-choir.org – and we can see to it that another ONE-DAY WORKSHOP is organised soon enough!

Friday Morning SessionsJanuary-April 2021

10:00-12:30, studio de Eester, on every second Friday morning, starting in January 2021. Exact dates still to be announced.
costs: 236 euro incl. BTW for 8 morning workshops, every second Friday.

You can only inscribe to these sessions if you have done a Genetic Choir workshop before. Please let us know if you would like us to organise another Introduction Workshop before January, so you are able to join the Fridays as well! –> workshops@genetic-choir.org

If you are a regular guest, you can directly reserve your place in the Friday Morning group that starts in January, by inscribing via this payment link.

Depending on corona regulations from January, we will work in two smaller groups or one bigger group. Timing on the Fridays might change a little bit still due to this uncertainty.

You can find more info on all the workshops we give on the Genetic Choir website, here.

See you singing! 😀